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Mobile Grasshopper Conveyors

Outstanding Quality!

RISEL INDUSTRIES mobile grasshopper conveyors are robust. Their sturdy and stable design enables you to load and unload your products with ease and care even at height.

A remarkable setting!

RISEL INDUSTRIES mobile grasshopper conveyors can be supplied with standard or customized dimensions, reaching a length
of up to 26 meters, with an adjustable tilt and a height ranging from 4 to 11 meters, adjustable by hydraulic cylinders.

Adaptable and Easy to move!

RISEL INDUSTRIES mobile grasshopper conveyors are outfitted
with pneumatic road equipment that makes them adaptable
and easy to move. Being composed of removable elements,
our mobile grasshopper conveyors are easy to move when
the need arises.

Productive and Time effective!

RISEL INDUSTRIES mobile grasshopper conveyors ensures a
high productivity level thanks to time effectiveness.
Its curved band (smooth rubber or chevron) together with
its gear motor make handling simple and fast, with a flow
rate up to 800 T / H.

Fully safe!

The retained position is mechanically
lockable enabling pressure release in the cylinder

1 year warranty

RISEL INDUSTRIES mobile loading ramps are certified by a control office since 2009.


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